About Us​​
At GJG International, we listen to your ideas, rev​iew your designs and prototypes, and work with the most suitable factories to produce them into high-quality products. We remove the doubt, the uncertainty; the guesswork and much of the legwork - vastly improving your odds of a successful venture.

We work with established and ethical international companies, and with whom we have formed long-lasting business relationships. Due to the years of trust, professionalism and quality, our clients can trust these factories to manufacture their products right.
With GJG, clients need not worry about shipping issues, potential problems; late-night phone calls, or the difficulties inherent in multicultural communication. We make sure that every step is handled properly. GJG helps to streamline the process efficiently and effectively, so you can go from idea to product without difficulty.

​Together, we can breathe viable, sustainable life into your product and get your business off the ground successfully, first time out.

An electrical engineering grad​uate of a prestigious engineering school in India, Anand Jain, followed his dream in 1975 and moved from India to Montreal, Canada with his wife Vijaya and two young children.

Times were rocky to start, but Anand persisted, working odd jobs in the interim, until he landed a job at the Canadian Standards Association in 1976, where he worked as a Senior Certification Engineer.

At CSA, Anand ensured the safety of various electrical products; gaining a strong foundation while doing so in safety requirements and quality assurance.

In 1985, in association with a major furniture manufacturer who was looking to build a recliner sofa with a massage system, Anand designed the system for them, and worked to get it manufactured in Hong Kong. This was the beginning of GJG International.
With the help of his wife Vijaya—who handled all financial matters, Anand innovated many electrical products over the next few years, including central vacuum cleaner controls, 12V power supplies, as well as some consumer products.

In 1993, a move to Toronto facilitated new growth and expansion. So much so, that in 1995, Avnan Electro Inc. was formed; a spin-off of GJG International.  Avnan Electro Inc. (www.avnan.com), bought out by Anand’s two older sons, started with the central vacuum cleaner controls portion of the GJG business, and has grown tremendously from there. In 2004, Nitin Jain—Anand’s youngest son— joined the business and has since took over the day-to-day operations of GJG International, expanding it into new product categories.​


Meet the Team
  1. Nitin Jain,
  2. Aleksandra Mazurek
    Project Coordinator
  3. Aman Singh
    Supplier Development/Quality Engineer
  4. Anand Jain
  5. Rakesh Gupta
P. Eng,