Global Manufacturing At Your Doorstep

Do you have a custom mechanical part that you want to get manufactured? Let us help!
  1. Manufacturing
    We manufacture OEM mechanical parts. Some of our capabilities include; metal casting, extrusion, injection moulding, metal fabrication, conventional and CNC machining, anodizing, and more. Ask us!
  2. Expertise and Management
    We can manage projects from start to finish. We have the experience and knowledge to understand the most appropriate and economical ways to produce mechanical products. We can help you save on production costs and achieve consistent quality products.
  3. Supply Chain Management
    We arrange and coordinate manufacturing, sourcing and shipping from factories to your door. We handle all of the documentation, customs clearances, and other details for you. We can get your your product where you want it, and when you want it.
If you have a custom mechanical part that you want to get manufactured, we are the company who can handle it for you. We will review your design, and manufacture your product cost competitively while keeping tight quality standards, and ship anywhere you need the product to go.​​
Why us?
At GJG International, we offer peace of mind. Because we have many established resources and contacts—including factories in India and China—we can get your product on the shelf at the best price, while maintaining its highest quality, in the fastest turnaround time. Since 1985, GJG has built long-standing relationships with factories around the world to ensure that our clients receive great savings, fast response times, and high levels of service; all due to our experience overseas and our combined buying power. We guarantee our factories are well-credited and trusted facilities.

The benefits of partnering with GJG:

GJG International’s established, long-standing relationships with our
partnered factories ensure that your product gets manufactured in
reputable, ethical and trusted facilities.

GJG International will handle all aspects of getting your product
manufactured in a hassle-free manner. You can focus on selling your
product and growing your business; we'll handle the rest.

No more jockeying for position behind better-known, more established
customers. GJG is well-known and established with our partnered
factories, and we've got your back.

With GJG's buying power, a smaller order will still receive competitive
pricing and and large-order responsiveness.

At GJG International, we carefully monitor and audit our factories' QA/QC systems and work with them to continually improve.

Local Delivery
We handle all the logistics (including customs clearance) of getting your product from the factory to your door.

Our experience working with multiple industries is hard to beat. We can help you get your product to market quickly and effectively.​